Passed the Basic Proofreading course from the Publishing Training Centre (PTC) with a Merit; have almost completed the Basic Editing course (also from PTC).

Completed the ‘Editing with Word’ and ‘Proofreading Progress 2’ courses from the SfEP.

I successfully completed the SfEP’s proofreading mentoring scheme.

I’m working towards Intermediary membership of the SfEP.

I’m presently learning how to edit by using Visual Basic macros within Microsoft Word.

Aiming to get full professional membership within the next year once I fulfil the experience requirements.

Attended the SfEP 2016 conference at Aston University and wrote an article for the SfEP magazine ‘Editing Matters’.

For my qualifications and experience in engineering, Quality Assurance and software development see my LinkedIn profile.

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